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Services Offered

ADHD Coaching:

Group Package: Weekly encouragement and brain storming with 3 - 8 people.
Budget Package: 25-minutes sessions
Comprehensive Package: 45-minute sessions with accountability support as needed between sessions.
Extensive Package: Weekly 45-minute sessions with extended time to review goals and evaluate most effective strategies.

Intensive work or study sessions:

Learning To work or Study Effectively For:

  - ADHDers, even professionals, often increase productivity at work, school and home by discovering ways to stay engaged.

  - College requires new levels of self-discipline, time-management and motivation.

  - High school students developing the life skills to become independent learners for the rest of their lives.

Crunch Time:

  - Professionals sometimes need help to stay focused preparing for licensure.

  - College Students often need help preparing for finals.

  - All ages sometimes need help to finish an overwhelming project.

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