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"Ron helped me have a better understanding of my executive functioning difficulties. He coached me to recognize them, and gave me specific tools to help me better manage my time and organization for my classes. He was a lifesaver."

-College student

"It's official! I graduated and couldn't have done it without all of your support and coaching. Thank you Ron!"

-College graduate

"After using tools to assess my priorities for a more balanced life, Ron worked with me to set goals in multiple areas of life such as family, social connections, work, and volunteering.  I appreciated my discussions with Ron. His questions challenged some perceptions and confirmed others. I gained clarity to initiate new activities to which I devote more energy than before. 

I feel momentum in my life and am in the satisfying process of making strategic changes to achieve my goals.

-Travel Industry Professional

“Ron’s wise, insightful and calm presence has been life-changing for me. Coaching with Ron has helped me to identify my values and dreams as well as the peace of mind to begin taking actions steps to achieve them. He is a true professional and a remarkable human being.”
-Health and Educational Professional

"As my ADHD coach, Ron helped me see my strengths and recognize opportunities for growth. He has helped me work through several professional transitions periods and process difficult personal relationship challenges. Ron always helps me find a valuable perspective to see things in a different light." 

-Graduate student

“Ron, just to let you know, I have found your coaching quite helpful for attention deficit. I have been able, and continue, to get a lot done for my work to the point that I don’t feel that I’m handicapped. There are still things I need to work on, so I look forward to our next conversation as soon as I return from the upcoming trip.”

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